Dental Bridge Procedure Dentist Muskegon MI

What Happens During the Dental Bridge Procedure?

Dental Bridge Procedure Dentist Muskegon MI

What Happens During the Dental Bridge Procedure?

Have you recently lost a tooth? If so, Dr. Jones may recommend the dental bridge procedure. A dental bridge is a restoration that contains a prosthetic tooth with crowns on both sides. Depending on your circumstances, Dr. Jones may place these crowns on either natural teeth or dental implants.

Here’s what else you need to know about the dental bridge procedure. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. We’d be more than happy to help!


There’s more than one way to replace a missing tooth. That’s why it’s important that you schedule an appointment with our dentist in Muskegon, MI. Dr. Jones will be able to evaluate your smile to determine the best option for you.

To be a candidate for a dental bridge, you must have either healthy teeth or implants on both sides of the empty socket or tooth that is scheduled to be extracted. That way, the dental bridge will have solid anchors to hold it in place.

Your other tooth replacement options include dental implants or dentures. In general, a dental implant is less invasive than a bridge because it leaves your adjacent teeth intact. Likewise, dentures don’t require us to remove any healthy tooth structure. Instead, they sit on top of the gums.


What happens during this stage will depend on whether we’re mounting the bridge on natural teeth or implants.

If you’re getting an implant-supported bridge, you’ll need to wait until your dental implants have fused to your jawbone. This is a months-long process called osseointegration that can’t be rushed.

If you’re getting a bridge that’ll be supported by natural teeth, Dr. Jones will need to file down and shape the enamel. That way, there’ll be enough space for the crowns to fit over top.

Next, Dr. Jones will take dental impressions to send to the lab that will be making your bridge. In the meantime, Dr. Jones will place temporary crowns over your teeth or implants until it’s time for your next appointment. These temporary crowns will help protect your smile while you wait for the lab to create your permanent dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Placement

Your dental bridge will be ready when you arrive for your next appointment. First, Dr. Jones will remove the temporary crowns and replace them with your permanent bridge. He’ll check the size, color, shape, and fit to ensure your dental bridge looks and feels natural. Once Dr. Jones is satisfied with how the bridge looks, he’ll bond it over your natural teeth or secure it over your dental implants.

After the dental bridge procedure, your mouth may feel tender or sore. In general, you can expect this soreness to go away after a few days. You should also be able to return to work or school the day after your appointment.

Request an Appointment With Dr. Jones

Dr. Bruce Jones is an experienced family dentist in Muskegon, MI. He’s also accepting new patients and would be more than happy to help you explore your tooth replacement options.

To request an appointment or learn more about the dental bridge procedure, please call Bruce G. Jones Dentistry at (231) 780-5158. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.