Make My Dentures More Comfortable Muskegon MI Dentist

How Can I Make My Dentures More Comfortable?

Make My Dentures More Comfortable Muskegon MI Dentist

How Can I Make My Dentures More Comfortable?

In general, it takes about 30 days to get used to wearing dentures. During this time, you may get mouth sores, produce more saliva, slur your words, and experience difficulty eating. All of these symptoms are normal when you’re wearing dentures for the first time. But it doesn’t make them any less frustrating.

Here’s how to make your dentures feel more comfortable in the meantime.

Practice Speaking Out Loud

You may slur or mumble your words when you first start wearing dentures. But this won’t last forever. The more you practice speaking out loud, the faster you’ll get used to speaking with your dentures.

Find a routine that works best for you, whether that’s reading out loud from your favorite book or singing along to the radio. This will retrain your lips, cheeks, and tongue to speak around your new oral appliance.

Cut Your Food into Bite-Sized Pieces

Avoid foods that require a lot of chewing, especially when you first get dentures. The more you chew, the more the dentures will rub against your gums and cause irritation. Your gums may also feel sore if you eat sticky and/or hard to chew foods.

When you first get dentures, stick to soft foods like mashed potatoes or pasta. You may also cut your food into small bite-sized pieces that will be more manageable for your dentures. We recommend chewing with both sides of your mouth to help keep your dentures in place.

Use Denture Adhesive

It’s not uncommon for dentures to slip out of place when you cough, sneeze, or make any other sudden movement. When this happens, you can gently bite down and swallow to discreetly move your dentures back in place. You may also try using adhesive to reduce the number of times your dentures slip.

Your dentures should fit well with or without adhesive. But denture adhesive can be a great way to give you that extra bit of security when you’re out in public.

If slipping dentures make you feel self-conscious, ask Dr. Jones about using a denture adhesive. He can recommend a brand that will be safe for both you and your dentures.

If you find yourself depending on denture adhesive too much, call our office to schedule an appointment. Over time, bone shrinkage can make your dentures feel loose. When this happens, Dr. Jones may recommend that we reline your dentures or create new dentures.

See Your Dentist If Your Dentures Don’t Fit Well

It’s normal for your full or partial dentures to feel uncomfortable during the first 30 days of wearing them. That being said, please call our office if you suspect there’s something wrong with how your dentures are fitting.

If you’re healing from a tooth extraction, your gums will contract as they heal. This will affect the fit of your dentures, which can make them feel uncomfortable. Under these circumstances, we typically ask patients to schedule routine check-ins with our office while they heal so we can adjust their dentures as needed.

Also, be sure to call our office if your dentures feel uncomfortable after the 30-day adjustment period. Dr. Jones will make sure that your dentures fit well so you can feel confident about your smile.

Request an Appointment With Dr. Jones

Dr. Bruce G. Jones has experience treating patients with tooth loss and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your dentures. If you wish, he can also help you explore your other tooth replacement options.

To request an appointment with our Muskegon dentist, please call Bruce G. Jones Dentistry at (231) 780-5158. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.