Root Canals

There’s never a good time to experience a toothache. But the sooner you act, the more likely we’ll be able to save your tooth from needing extraction. If the tooth is abscessed, Dr. Jones may recommend a root canal.

While getting a root canal may sound scary, our dentist will do everything in his power to ensure you always feel safe and comfortable during the procedure.

Here’s what you can expect.

Who Needs a Root Canal

You may need root canal treatment if a cavity is deep enough to breach the soft tissue inside your tooth. This soft tissue is called “dental pulp” and it contains the tooth’s nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Once the pulp is infected, you’ll need root canal therapy.

Root Canal Bruce Jones Dds

Dental pulp is the innermost layer of your tooth.

An abscessed tooth will not go away on its own. It needs emergency care as soon as possible.

You may need a root canal if you experience:

  • A persistent toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swollen gums
  • Dental abscess (pimple) on the gums
  • A loose tooth
  • Darkening of the tooth

If you recognize any of the above symptoms, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment. The sooner you see our dentist, the better your outcome.

Root Canal Procedure

When you arrive at our dental practice with a toothache, our first step is to diagnose the source of your pain. This will involve our dentist examining your teeth, gums, and the X-rays we take during your appointment. If Dr. Jones sees that the tooth is abscessed, he’ll recommend root canal therapy.

First, Dr. Jones will inject local anesthetic into the soft tissue by your tooth. While you’ll feel a small pinch at first, this sensation will quickly give way to numbness. Once the tooth and surrounding gums are numb, your dentist will move onto the next step of the root canal.

Your dentist may place a small protective sheet around the tooth to keep it dry and isolated from the rest of your mouth. Next, he’ll create an opening in the crown of the tooth. Dr. Jones will then use small dental instruments to remove the infection from the pulp chamber and root canals. Your dentist will also clean and shape the inside of your tooth to prepare it for filling.

The filling is a biocompatible material called gutta-percha, which has a rubber-like consistency. Your dentist will also use an adhesive cement to seal the root canals. As the final step, we’ll place a crown over the tooth to restore its full function and appearance.

Your dentist will place the crown over your tooth to ensure it’s the proper size, shape, and color to match the rest of your smile. Next, Dr. Jones will cement the crown in place over your tooth so you can walk out of our office with a fully restored smile.

Request an Appointment With Us

Don’t wait until you’re in unbearable pain to call our office. Our dentist in Muskegon, MI, is accepting new patients and is ready to help you save your smile. To request an appointment, please call the dental office of Bruce Jones DDS at (231) 780-5158.